Our services

Our services
Consulting & Lead Advisory

We help formulate new business systems and structures along with supporting the execution of these systems by providing global resources that deliver both practically and monetarily.

We will advise you on the development and advancement of your business and any transaction strategy or technique to assist you with precise focus on what is required.

We will together draw up financial models, participate in contractual negotiations with you. We bring together in-depth sector-specialized initiative experience and a comprehensive international network.

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Legal services

We provide a variety of services to our international business clients, driven by the increasingly global nature of their cross-border operations and investments. Legal services include individual preparation and development of various legal documents required for the company's activities, as well as analysis of existing corporate or commercial documents. Also, we help our clients to draw up a corporate structure for a new or existing business, taking into account the specifics, risks and wishes of our clients.

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Cashflow budget and projections

Cash Flow Forecasting is the process of obtaining an estimate or forecast of a company’s future financial position and is a core planning component of financial management within a company. It might sound obvious but the main output or deliverable of a cash flow forecasting process is a cash flow forecast. A cash flow forecast is a projection of an organization’s future financial position based on anticipated payments and receivables. Cash flow forecasts typically cover the next five years, but can also be used for shorter periods of time – three years or one year.

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Compliance services

With an increasingly regulatory industrial landscape, organizations require effective compliance solutions and consulting services to keep pace with constantly changing standards. Our experts are committed to support you in creating safe practices and have the knowledge and skills to determine the level of compliance of your existing practices and procedures with respect to relevant process safety requirements and standards.

Our service line includes:
  • Conducting compliance and risk assessments
  • Assessing current state regulatory reporting
  • Implementing new reporting processes
Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Forensic audit

A rigorous forensic audit that includes a comprehensive review of financial statements and non-financial data is a critical step in identifying and evaluating ostensible fraud and corruption. The results of the audit must meet the highest litigation standards for potential use in any legal action.

Our teams include forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and other experts who are able to provide a comprehensive analysis that includes identifying illegal fund flows, scrutinizing procurement contracts and loan agreements, investigating counterparties, and uncovering patterns in complex datasets. We provide audits with the local political, economic and industry insight needed for clarity in emerging and frontier markets, and other environments in which outsiders are at a disadvantage.

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants

An audit is the exploration of the financial report of a company - as presented in the annual report - by someone independent of that company. The financial report includes a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement, and notes comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes.

The purpose of an audit is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the company at a given date. We provide high-quality audits, innovating to provide confidence, value and transparency, and offering exceptional client.

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Accountancy services

Accountancy services are daily operational support of your company's financial and tax affairs. We act as an integral part of your company, but at the same time, we remain legally and organizationally independent.

We provide accounting services for companies operating in different industries, spheres of activity and in different markets (manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, provision of services, IT industry, construction, foreign exchange transactions, foreign economic activity and much more).

Our services: Global Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants
Due diligence

Our due diligence is aimed at a comprehensive check of the legality and commercial attractiveness of the planned transaction or investment project.

Our organization offers a full and comprehensive audit of the financial position of the company, including legal risks, management quality, and market potential. That`s because in these areas there are usually risks that can negatively manifest themselves in the future. We identify all potential pitfalls and give recommendations to minimize risks.

Our due diligence process consists of three main parts:
  • Financial due diligence
  • Business due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
Financial and legal due diligence, audit, accountancy services

Taking into account the information available to us and the quantity and quality of the information, we will review the following targeted investment opportunities. Legal investigation, which involves assessing investment objectives, rights and obligations at home and abroad law, and any impact that the proposed investment transaction may have on those rights and obligations.

  • Legal investigation, which involves assessing investment objectives, rights and obligations rights at home and abroad, and any impact that the proposed investment transaction may have on those rights and obligations. The scope of the investigation will cover the entire jurisdiction of the Company and / or its subsidiaries' activities involved or in connection with the project.
  • Commercial and business audits, which involves assessing the target country market and its competitors, as well as the potential opportunities and risks arising from the success of the business and the investment it seeks. Local on-site inspection may also be included.
  • Research on financial prudence aimed at assessing the proposed financial risks and investment opportunities, including but notwithstanding, any political risk in the jurisdiction and includes other local elements that could affect investment transactions. An in-depth assessment and review of the accounting of goals, budget management accounts, forecasts and forecasts, and financial modeling will be ascertained.
  • Technical / marketing reviews, which includes a full project technical review, as well as an assessment of managerial skills and experience. We evaluate our own technology and analytical tools. We also conduct a detailed risk assessment and mitigation to prove the innovation of this technology and its adoption cycle. The assessment also identifies safety issues as well as operational risks that may affect the asset value.